Tolure Eyeshine

374,00 kr 499,00 kr

Vøran er útseld.

Útflyll felti niðanfyri og tú far eini boð tá vøran kemur aftur á goymslu.


  • Firming, cooling, highly effective eye care
  • Fights small wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles
  • Prevents wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes


What does EYESHINE do?

Tolure EYESHINE makes your eyes shine. Every woman knows swelling, wrinkles and dark shadows. With Tolure EYESHINE you can easily counteract these without any cosmetic intervention. Experience the first cream that has been proven to tighten the upper eyelids and that only with valuable bioactive ingredients. These promote the elasticity and resilience of the skin and make your eyes shine.