Tolure HAIRACTIVE Activaiting Hair Serum

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Vøran er útseld.

Útflyll felti niðanfyri og tú far eini boð tá vøran kemur aftur á goymslu.

HAIRACTIV reactivates the hair growth cycle, supports the natural growth of their hair and revitalizes the scalp.
HAIRACTIV provides fuller and stronger hair. Hair density and thickness are promoted and strengthened by highly
effective ingredients.

Directions: shake before use, apply 2x a day for at least 3 months, store in a cool, dry place away from light.


High-quality, efficient ingredients in a unique combination ensure healthy, strong and fuller scalp hair. Caffeine strengthens the hair, while D-Panthenol binds moisture and adds shine and softness. AnaGain PF is based on pea shoots and stimulates and reactivates natural hair growth.Follicusan DP protects against premature hair loss and helps revitalise the scalp. Redensyl promotes hair growth, reduces hair loss and strengthens the hair. PRODEW  500 imparts luster and brilliant appearance to hair. With regular use, the first results are visible after 3 months at the latest