Hair Dress Human Hair 40 cm

2.299,00 kr 

Hendan útgávan er fyribils útseld

Útflyll felti niðanfyri og tú far eini boð tá vøran kemur aftur á goymslu.

This hairpiece, made of 100% Human Hair, is easy to apply without damaging the natural hair. The transparent strand rests on the head, not on the hair and holds the hairpiece perfectly in place without the risk of slipping out. The Hair Dress contains multiple wefts, including one patented Soft Blend Edge for perfect integration. The Hair Dress Ombre colors can be worn on both sides, a sunrise side with a lighter shade and a sunset side with a slightly darker shade. 

• 100% Human Hair 
• Non damaging application (without rings, bonds, tape or clips) 
• Unique 6 months quality guarantee with Balmain aftercare