Tolure Lipboost Caramel / Rosé

260,00 kr 349,00 kr

Vøran er útseld.

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LIPBOOST® caramel-rosé New Formulation

  • Shimmering lip gloss that builds up lip volume
  • Smoothes fine lines and cares for the delicate skin of the lips
  • Moisturizing and invigorating


Why use LIPBOOST® caramel-rosé?

With its special formula, Tolure LIPBOOST® caramel-rosé provides a real lip sensation. After just a few applications, the lips appear more expressive and volumized. Fine lines are smoothed out.

With a firmer structure and more elasticity, the lips appear fuller and more vivid. Tolure LIPBOOST® caramel-rosé offers the ideal care for the sensitive skin of the lips and provides moisture.