Tolure Mascara

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Tolure BlackToNature Volumizing Mascara 10ml

  • High-quality black mascara for maximum volume and perfectly separated lashes
  • Vegan natural cosmetics: natural ingredients in organic quality
  • The perfect brush shape provides curl and volume for small, fine or long lashes
  • Eyelashes are wrapped in deep black without sticking together and appear stronger and thicker
  • No smudging
  • Ophthalmologically tested; not tested on animals

Why use the Tolure BlackToNature Volume Mascara?

BlackToNature Mascara dips the lashes in deep black and provides volume and length without sticking or smudging.

The brush provides curl and thanks to its cone shape, the fine, small lashes on the inner lash line, as well as the long lashes in the middle, are equally easy to reach. The special brush with a multitude of high density bristles helps to perfectly coat and separate the lashes, giving them extra length and defined volume. The lashes appear thicker and stronger.

The contained natural essential oils give the mascara a pleasant fresh scent and help to avoid irritation of sensitive eyes.